If school or class closures occur due to Covid, the following will be the refund policy:

Up to one week of closures - No reimbursement will be given

Over 1 - 6 weeks of school closure – parents will receive a voucher to either or both Good Shabbos Catering or Jerusalem Pizza, (depending on which days were signed up for) equivalent to the amount paid toward hot lunch.

In the event that school is closed for more than six weeks, monetary refunds will be issued for the time missed.

Vouchers and/or refunds will only be issued after the semester is over. Vouchers and refunds will only be issued in the event of full class/school closings ONLY as a result of COVID-19. Any other school closures e.g. snow days, trips, etc. will not result in a voucher or refund. In the event that your child is not feeling well and is kept home, there will not be a voucher or refund issued.